Cross-platform, content sharing SDK solution


AllConnect Software Development Kit (SDK) is a platform that allows each and every device to communicate regardless of operating system and protocol.

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Why AllConnect

1Seamless Interoperability
Works with 5 billion devices out of the box. An application built on top of AllConnect allows the user to access content from any source and stream it to any device be it smart TV, set-top box, speakers, car dashboard and more.

1Cross-platform support
Applications built on top of the AllConnect technology work across platforms including Android and iOS.

1Optimization & Maintainability
Each component in the software stack is optimized for the best possible performance on all platforms and operating systems. We ensure that each and every AllConnect module is always up to date and works with all hardware versions.

1Easy Integration
AllConnect SDK is the easiest technology to embed in any third-party application or hardware.

Industry-wide Collaboration


AllSeen Alliance develops the AllJoyn standard for seamless communication between the devices in the Internet of Things (IoT)


Discovery and Launch (DIAL) organization, promoted by Netflix and Google, bridges the gap between the first and the second screen.


DLNA designs a set of guidelines for interoperable digital home framework.