AllConnect Developer Licensing Requirements

The AllConnect SDK is available for licensing upon separate request. Due to the high demand for the software, all requests are assessed as to their viability. For you to be eligible for receiving a license, please make sure your company and your application fulfill all the following requirements:

  1. The organization applying for the license must be a registered legal entity.
  2. Your application must have at least a total of one million downloads in Google Play and App Store OR alternatively you will need to have sufficient funding or financial resources to achieve such distribution volume.
  3. Your application does not contain or promote any violent, sexually explicit, obscene, racist, or otherwise discriminatory or inappropriate material.
  4. Your application shall not jeopardize or compromise any user’s privacy or security, or the security of the user’s device, and shall not be aimed at or have the potential to cause harm to others.
  5. Your application is not deceiving, defrauding, or misleading in any way.
  6. Your application has a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy.
  7. Your application is user-friendly, stable and easily navigable.

Once you have verified that your application is compliant with these criteria, contact our team at allconnect(at) to learn how you can license and download AllConnect SDK and integrate it into your product.